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Who We Are
In 1979, the Community Service Order Association was initiated as an organization that would support all members who were involved in the delivery of Community Service in communities throughout Ontario.

Community Service is a court ordered disposition, requiring offenders to perform a specific number of volunteer hours at a non-profit or taxed based agency within the community. These programs have become an integral community based component of the justice system and serve both adult and young offenders (12-17 inclusive).

In September 1992, the Association received full membership support to change its name to Ontario Community Justice Association (O.C.J.A.) and expand its membership to include all other community based, non-residential programs affiliated with the Criminal Justice System.

The "Association" was issued Patent (899340) under the Ontario Corporation Act in 1990, and received "Charitable Status" in January 1994.

What We Do
The OCJA is a professional association representing members of community based justice programs within the province of Ontario. Our professional members provide various community based programs for offenders and victims.

Our Goals Are...

  • To explore and share among the membership (program employees of community based organization within the criminal justice systems), effective ways and means by which the assessed needs of clients benefiting from programs provided, may best be met and to assist in their adjustment/integration into their communities.
  • To provide direct assistance to members providing a forum for sharing common goals, interests and concerns.
  • To act as representatives of the membership to the funding bodies regarding common goals.
  • To provide assistance in developing in-service and on-going training for members in cooperation with the various funding bodies.
  • To foster and encourage community-based programming affiliated with the criminal justice system.
  • To perform such other procedures as may be ancillary to the aforementioned objectives.
  • The Association shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and any profit or other accretion to the Association shall be used to further promote its objectives.

How to Contact Us

C/O Community Oriented Sentencing Program
121 Dundas Street East, Suite 206
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
K8N 1C3
  Phone:  (613) 966-7410
Fax:      (613) 966-7411
E-mail: ocja@quinte.net

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